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RWN supply straights, moist feeds and liquid feeds in bulk tipped or blown for use in total mixed rations and complete dietsIncreasingly we are seeing dairy farmers placing much greater emphasis on producing high annual milk yields, often this is accompanied with a move to larger herd sizes. There has also been a recognition of the need to reduce cull rates and to improve herd health and fertility,  through improved nutrition. This has lead to a trend both towards feeding dairy cows on either a full or partial Total Mixed Ration using a Complete Diet and also for dairy farmers to seek professional nutritional advice when formulating diets. As a result, straights and moist feeds have increasingly become a very important part of our business.

Making best use of the wide range of feeds available is an area where our nutritional expertise is of particular benefit to our customers

Straights and moist feeds are generally supplied to dairy farms in 29 tonne artic bulk tipped loadsBulk Straights - We supply a wide range of bulk straight feeds which include: Rape, Soya and Maize Gluten, Distillers Grains, Sugar Beet Pulp, Citrus Pulp, Soya Hulls, Wheatfeed Pellets, Malt Residual Pellets, Palm Kernal Expeller Meal, Maize Meals, Biscuit Meal, Maize Germ, Cereals Grain, Rolled Barley, Rolled Wheat and Rolled Oats etc. These are available from a number of sources at very competitive prices whether for full artic-loads tipped, or for smaller loads blown, either priced on the spot or for forward contracts. We also have access to some less widely available and more specialized straights which can be slotted into the diet offering considerable cost savings and nutritional benefits. These are mainly bi-products from the human food industry which include Pea and Bean meals and pellets, Corn Gluten or Prairie Meal, Dried Bread, Confectionary and Sweets, Breakfast Cereals, Maize Meals, Potato Starch etc.

Moist feeds, fodder beet, potatoes and other root feed supplies, are delivered to dairy farms in 29 tonne artic bulk tipped loadsBulk Moist Feeds - Moist feeds such as Wet Brewers Grains, Trafford Gold and other Moist Feeds, Stock Feed Potatoes, Fodder Beet and Carrots can often provide a cheaper source of energy than home grown forage. Moist Feeds can be used to replace energy and protein from dry concentrates in the diet at considerable cost saving. They can also provide a useful source of bulk feed, when home grown forage is in short supply. Moist feeds are especially useful on farms where indoor storage options for dry straights are limited, since they can be tipped and clamped in an outdoor silage clamp or on a concrete pad.

Full nutritional support package free of charge to customers along with the most extensive range of high quality feed inputs available

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