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RWN Glass-Sand-Powder Bedding

RWN Glass-Sand-Powder Bedding

RWN Glass-Sand-Powder Bedding is an extremeley effective means of keeping dairy cows clean, improving hygene and cow comfortThis is a new, very fine powdered sodium silicate glass sand available in bulk loads. This is quite different from standard bedding sands which are coarse and abrasive.

RWN Glass-Sand-Powder is very dry and made up of very fine, non-abrasive spherical particles which make an ideal bedding powder for use on cubicle mats and mattresses.

The product is inert and will not support the growth of bacteria even if it becomes damp provided that it is kept clean and free of slurry contamination.

Most bedding sand used for deep beds is too coarse and abrasive for use on concrete cubicle beds, rubber mats or mattresses. Sand is not particularly absorbent but will dry quickly. Glass-Sand-Powder is much finer than normal bedding sand and looks more similar to a heavy, coarse talcum powder. Being fine, inert and non-abrasive Glass-Sand-Powder makes a very effective as a cubicle bedding powder.

Advantages of Glass-Sand-Powder Bedding

  • Comfortable, Dry and Inert Bedding Material
  • Glass-Sand-Powder-Bedding is a superb bedding option for dairy cows on farms with suitable slurry handling systemsInert and won't grow bacteria if beds are kept clean
  • Less Abrasive than many other bedding materials
  • Very comfortable to lie on with minimal hock damage
  • Less dusty than most sawdust bedding materials
  • Stays on beds well and doesn't go hard
  • The low price allows generous application of 2kg - 3kg/cow/day
  • Results in very clean and comfortable beds. Cows stay very clean
  • Can be applied once or twice per week at the front of the cubicles
  • Needs indoor storage but doesn't need to be 100% dry
  • Delivery in 20 tonne or 28 tonne bulk loads tipped
  • Competitively priced and very cost effective to use

Disadvantages of Glass-Sand-Powder Bedding

  • Relatively heavy to apply. One third lighter weight than bedding sand. Apply 2kg - 3kg/cow/day
  • Best applied with a tractor mounted dispenser but can be applied by hand
  • Can settle out of thin slurry, making it unsuitable for some slurry systems
  • Unsuitable for deep sand beds, since it's very fine texture impedes drainage
  • Needs to be stored under cover, although will dry out readily if it gets damp
  • Limited availability

RWN Glass Powder Bedding will not go hard when damp and being inert will not support the growth of bacteria. An ideal product for mats and mattressesIf Glass-sand-Powder Bedding does become wet it quickly dries and will not set hard on the beds. In this respect it has clear advantages over paper bedding or over gypsum. Gypsum is no longer available for bedding cows in the UK, but Glass-Sand-Powder Bedding makes a useful alternative on farms where settlement in slurry is not a concern.

This is one of the most effective bedding materials available for use on cow mats and mattresses. Typical usage 2-3kg/cow/day with or without sawdust or straw.

Glass-Sand-Powder is one of the Most Effective Cubicle Bedding Materials Available

Glass-Sand-Powder Bedding is recommended for use where slurry systems are designed to cope with some sedimentation rather than with slats, channels or above ground circular slurry stores.

Glass-Sand-Powder-Bedding should be stored under cover but will quickly dry out if it gets dampSince it contains no organic matter it will not support the growth of bacteria, and is very competitive against other bedding materials. Glass-Sand-Powder Bedding can be used alone or in conjunction with sawdust or straw.

When used with straw, sawdust or other bedding materials containing organic matter it is advisable to use in conjunction with an anti-microbial bedding powder such as:

Nadins Hydramix   or   RWN Cubi-Powder  or   Vulkamin Powder

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