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RWN Cubicle Bedding Powder for Cows

RWN Cubicle-Powder for bedding Dairy Cubicles

RWN Cubicle-Powder is a cost effective, scientifically proven, solution to the control and reduction of harmful bacteria in livestock housing. Usage of 0.3kg - 0.5kg per cow per week will typically cost only £5 - £6 per cow per year. This makes RWN Cubicle-Powder an extremely cost effective means of improving both the health and profitability of a dairy herd. Apply to cubicles, calving boxes, straw yards, dry cow and calf housing 2 to 5 times per week.

RWN Cubi-Powder provides effective control of a wide range pathogenic disease and mastitis causing bacteria. Use on dairy cow cubicles and all livestock housingEffective against a wide range of pathogenic bacteria associated with environmental mastitis, high somatic cell counts, metritis, calf scours, and other disease conditions. RWN Cubicle-Powder has been shown to control Staphlococcus, Streptococcus aureus, E.coli, Salmonella, for up to seven days following application.

The product can still achieve 50% control even after 90% of the powder has worn off the cubicles. This long term residual effect makes the product an extremely effective product in helping to control environmental mastitis.

Natural Disinfectant Cubicle Bedding Powder

Properties of RWN Cubicle-Powder

  • Contains a combination of natural long lasting disinfectants to reduce harmful bacteria levels
  • Improves and maintains hygiene in cubicles and straw bedded housing
  • Absorbent powder which dries quickly
  • Rapidly kills bacteria and continues working for up to 7 days
  • Fine-textured, non-caustic powder is non-abrasive resulting in fewer hock infections
  • Doesn't damage the skins natural anti-microbial resistance
  • Improves skin health of legs, feet and teats.
  • Bactericidal, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory
  • Pleasant to use, biodegradable, safe to handle and no harmful chemicals.
  • Strong aromatic odour - Fewer flies
  • Cubi-Powder has a neutral pH and doesn't increase nitrogen loss from slurry

How RWN Cubicle-Powder works:

Many mastitis infections are picked up during the dry period and around calving when the immune response is low. Cubi-Powder can be used in dry cow housing, calf and youngstock buildingsRWN Cubicle-Powder contains a range of plant extracts, which have individually been thoroughly tested to demonstrate their powerful, long lasting bactericidal broad spectrum activity against  wide range of pathogens.

These active ingredients, which include a number of essential oils and allicin (garlic) on a powdered dry mineral carrier, give RWN Cubicle-Powder its natural antiseptic qualities required to help prevent mastitis and reduce disease in livestock.

RWN Cubicle-Powder Application:

Whilst RWN Cubicle-Powder can be used alone on mats and mattresses it is generally more cost effective and more hygienic when used in conjunction with a low cost absorbent bedding material such as saw dust or straw. Do not use hydrated lime which in the presence of moisture forms a strong alkali which damages the cows skin. Skin is the cows natural barrier to infection, once compromised, any bacteria present can easily set up an infection.

Saw dust is very absorbent. Once damp it remains damp and is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. RWN Cubicle-Powder should be seen as a powerful, long lasting, natural disinfectant capable of controlling the growth of bacteria on beds as well as in straw or saw dust bedding.

RWN Cubi-powder can be applied by hand or by using a mechanical dispenser such as the AG Maxi Bedding DispenserSpread a thin layer of RWN Cubicle-Powder where the cows lie, especially areas, which come into contact with the udders and on moist and damp areas. In calving boxes spread all over the floor. RWN Cubicle-Powder can be applied by hand or using a mechanical spreader.

A daily application of 50gms - 100gms of RWN Cubicle-Powder per cubicle ensures optimal hygiene contributing to a prevention of mastitis. However in most cases 2 – 5 applications per week are adequate since

RWN Cubicle-Powder works for up to a week provided that there is still some powder present on the surface.

Cost of RWN Cubicle-Powder?

RWN Cubicle-Powder may seem to be more expensive than lime. In fact overall it is usually more cost effective than lime or other bedding powders.

Lime is recommended at 3kg per cow per week costing around 50p. This in fact under estimates the true cost of lime due to its reactions with slurry leading to loss of nitrogen. A tonne of hydrated lime has the potential to release nitrogen from slurry into the atmosphere as ammonia gas up to the equivalent of 800kg of ammonium nitrate fertiliser. Cubi-powder will not volatilise nitrogen from cattle slurry.

Typically usage of RWN Cubicle-Powder on cubicles is around 0.5kg per cow per week costing 19p per cow week or only £5 - £6 per year. RWN Cubicle-Powder is available in 25kg bags

Cheaper and more effective than lime overall

Which RWN Cubicle Bedding Powder should I use?

RWN Cubicle Powders are an extremeley effective means of both improving hygene and controlling bacteria
in dairy cow and calf housing and of keeping cows cleanRWN Cubicle-Powder, Hydramix, Ultra-Dri, and Vulkamin are all extremely effective means of both improving hygiene and controlling bacteria in dairy cow and calf housing and of keeping cows clean.

RWN Cubicle-Powder, Ultra-Dri and Hydramix are available in 25kg bags. Vulkamin is available in 1 tonne tote bags. All are available minimum 1 tonne drops throughout the UK.

Taking account of comparative usage rates all three products are cost effective as well as being pleasant to handle, non-abrasive, non-caustic, safe to use and won't damage the cows skin.

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Natural Disinfectant Cubicle Bedding Powders


Cheaper and more effective solution to hygiene in cubicle housing

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