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Paper-Bed. Dry Bedding for Cow Cubicles


Paper-Bed is great for keeping cow cubicles dry and cleanShredded Paper makes an excellent, dry, absorbent bedding material for use on cow cubicles. Paper-bed is recovered from crushed plasterboard. The product is cleaned, screened and shredded to produce a soft open mix.

The product is easily handled through a tractor mounted bedding dispenser and very absorbent.

Paper-bed is competitively priced and available in bulk loads across much of England and Wales.

Typical usage rates 1.0kgs - 1.5kgs per cow cubicle per day. A little goes a long way. Paper-Bed beats most other bedding materials.

Paper-Bed is one of the Most Cost Effective Cubicle Bedding Materials Available

Advantages of Paper-Bed

  • Comfortable, Dry and Inert Bedding Material
  • Paper-Bed is dry and very absorbent, ideal for keeping cow cubicles clean and dryPaper-Bed is dry, warm and very absorbent
  • Great for cow comfort
  • Produces a cushioned, springy bed
  • Very comfortable to lie on with minimal hock damage
  • Cows stay very clean
  • Dry product so needs to be stored indoors
  • Delivery in bulk walking floor loads
  • Competitively priced and very cost effective to use
  • A little goes a long way
  • Typical usage rates of 1.0kg - 1.5kg/cow/day
  • Costs are lower than most bedding materials at 7 - 14 pence per cow cubicle per day

Paper-Bed is one of the most effective bedding materials available for use on cow mats and mattresses. Due to the cost effective nature of the product, Paper-Bed can be used generously and built up at the front of the cubicles for extra cow comfort. This means that cows can be bedded up 2 - 3 times per week with the backs of the beds cleaned off twice a day for maximum cleanliness and good hygiene.

Paper-Bed Extra

Paper-Bed Extra is a new more refined version of Paper-Bed. Finer, lighter, cleaner, more refined and fluffier paper bedding which is very absorbent and goes further than the standard Paper-bed product and much further than most other bedding products.

Paper-Bed beats Most other Cubicle Bedding Materials


Cheaper and more effective solutions to hygiene in cubicle housing

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