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Benefits of RWN's Products and Services

How RWN Offers Clear Advantages Over Other Products and Advice

  • Our comprehensive range along with our expertise means that we are able to formulate cost effective diets to provide performance improvements that will increase your profitability
  • Richard Webster has an extensive knowledge of TMR diets for high yielding dairy cows and over 30 years experience of  rationing high yielding dairy cows and as a nutritionist, consultant and feed adviser to farmers in top UK herdsAs a customer you get our detailed nutritional advice available free-of-charge
  • There are clear advantages to working with RWN compared with dealing directly with either a manufacturer or with an agricultural adviser or consultant who does not directly source and supply the agricultural inputs required
  • We have a detailed knowledge and understanding of all the products that we recommend
  • As an independent merchant dealing with a wide range of different manufacturing suppliers, we are able to select from a much wider resource than that offered by an individual manufacturer
  • Our independence allows us to take an unbiased and objective view of a wide range of products available across the whole of agriculture
  • We search out and evaluate the highest quality and most effective products available to meet our customers' needs
  • Due to our wide ranging supply arrangements as well as to our involvement with FIAM we are able to source our farm inputs not only to exceptional quality but also at extremely competitive prices offering outstanding value for money
  • Key factors are feed quality, purity, traceability and nutritional effectiveness
  • We are passionate that our products will perform to expectation and that no corners are cut on specification
  • Our suppliers are selected for their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction

Our main focus is customer profitability

Dealing With RWN Really Does Benefit Your Business


Independent Suppliers of Quality Feeds and Associated Products
for the High Yielding Dairy Cow

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