RWN Liquid Feeds and Molasses

Liquid Feeds and Molasses

Liquid Feeds and Molasses

Liquid Feeds and Molasses - have become an increasingly important ingredient used in a wide range of livestock and dairy cow diets. As well as improving palatability of TMR diets, liquid feeds also provide a cost effective source of rumen degradable protein and sugars essential for efficient rumen function.

Bulk Liquid Molasses is a cost effective source of sugar and degradable protein for using in dairy cows complete diets and total mixed rations (TMR's)As well as standard molasses products such as Cane Molasses, Economol and Regumaize 65, Regumaize 44, and Regumix produced by ED&F Man Liquid Products(SVG Intermol), we also supply a full range of specialist liquid feeds, the RWN Optimise Range, manufactured to our own specifications. Molasses and other liquid feeds provide an effective source of both soluble protein and fermentable energy in the form of sugar, both of which are essential for optimum rumen function.

Liquid feeds are also invaluable in providing an adequate supply of fermentable energy in the form of sugar, and soluble protein both of which are essential to optimise rumen function. The rapid rates of digestion of liquid feeds, their ability to increase total dry matter intakes and their ability to enhance microbial digestive efficiency within the rumen, often results in much higher levels of animal performance than their declared ME would suggest.

Making best use of the wide range of feeds available is an area where our nutritional expertise is of particular benefit to our customers

Molasses liquids in a complete diets, palatability and increase palatability and dry matter intakes, reduce sorting and are a competitive source of sugar, energy and rumen degradable proteinBulk Liquid Feeds for the Complete Diet Feeder - The use of bulk liquid molasses feeds in complete diets offer considerable benefits in terms of raising dry matter intakes and reducing ration sorting. Increased forage intakes, reduced acidosis together with improved feed efficiency often result in much higher milk yield responses and greater overall benefits than would be expected from feeding an equivalent amount of energy from dry concentrates.

Free Access Liquid Feeds for Dairy Cows - Specialist high sugar Free Access Molasses Liquids fed on a free access basis have proved of great benefit in profitably raising herd milk yields of dairy cows on simple low cost silage and cake systems with only  minimal cost in terms of capital investment in feeding systems or labour inputs.

Wheel Lick feeders are a cheap and efficient means of supplying the cows rumen with additional concentrate in liquid form providing fermentable energy, sugars, and degradable protein throughout the day. Molasses intakes can easily be regulated by various means. This system avoids the capital, power and machinery and labour costs associated with complete diet feeding systems. Free access wheel lick feeders are also very effective at grass where a 90 litre lick feeder and 1000 litre container can be sited near the water trough with the advantage that cows are not drawn back to the buildings for the TMR but remain in the grazing field maximising grazing intakes.

Feeding specialist molasses liquids through free access wheel lick feeders offers a low cost means of supplying the cow with additional concentrates, fermentable energy, sugar and degradable proteinDry Cow and Transition Feeds - Transition Syrup has proved very successful as an effective and low labour solution to feeding the high yielding transition cow. Transition Syrup fed for 3 weeks prior to calving on a free access basis is extremely effective as a mineral, vitamin supplement, as a rumen conditioner and as a means of preventing milk fevers and retained cleansing.

Transition Syrup can be top dressed on to silage or straw, included in complete diets or fed ad-lib through lick feeders. The product can also be fed right through the dry period providing an effective source of fermentable energy, propylene glycol, minerals, vitamins, trace elements and magnesium in the form of magnesium chloride, offering a very effective means of milk fever prevention.

Transition Syrup is particularly effective as a feed for dry cow at grass during the summer where milk fevers can be a particular problem, and where trough feeding of complete diets may be impracticable. Transition Syrup has proven to be far more effective than other similar products available.

Delivery and Storage - We provide interest free Molasses Tank Schemes. Liquids are available in 5 tonne, 10 tonne, 20 tonne and 28 tonne bulk loads as well as in 1000 litre mini - bulk containers.

Full nutritional support package free of charge to customers along with the most extensive range of high quality feed inputs available

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