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Hygiene is Important for Cow Health, Performance and ProfitabilityCow comfort, cow health and good hygiene are essential for efficient and profitable milk production in high yielding dairy herds.

RWN works with a number of highly effective tried and tested antiseptic cubicle bedding powders Hydramix and RWN Cubi-Powder, Ultra-Dri, Ultra-Dri Gold and Vulkamin.

All are suitable for use in cow cubicle housing, straw yards, dry cow housing and calf rearing accommodation. All these products have different modes of action and all are highly effective and competitively priced, non-caustic, safe, based on natural ingredients and are pleasant to handle.

Hygiene is Important for Cow Health, Performance and Profitability

Ultra-Dri Gold

Ultra-Dri disinfectant cubicle bedding powder for housed cowsUltra-Dri Gold is an Absorbent, Dry Cubicle Disinfectant Powder which contains a fast acting, broad spectrum, DEFRA approved disinfectant.

This cubicle bedding powder effectively kills most pathogens within 5 minutes and continues working from day to day to provide effective control of bacteria on dairy cow cubicle beds and in general livestock housing.

This highly absorbent, drying Disinfectant Powder improves general hygiene of cubicles and bedded pens. Ultra-Dri Gold is non-caustic and doesn't dry or damage the cows skin.

Ultra-Dri Gold is our product of choice when faced with severe outbreaks of mastitis, very high somatic cell counts and other challenging situations. Ultra-Dri Gold contains a much higher concentration of disinfectant than our standard Ultra-Dri product.

Ultra-Dri Gold can be used for all classes of livestock including pigs, poultry, sheep, and horses. It can be used as a dairy cubicle bedding powder, on straw yards, in calving boxes and calf pens or in dry powder footbaths.

  • Ultra-Dri acts as a powerful 'drying' agent on the bedding in straw yards and on cubicles
  • Contains broad spectrum DEFRA approved disinfectant
  • Fast acting, killing most pathogens within 5 minutes
  • Ultra-Dri cubicle powder contains a broad spectrum disinfectant for use on cow cubicle bedsEffective against bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Remains active for up to 1 week
  • Absorbs moisture to help keep beds dry
  • Reduces ammonia
  • Non irritant, does not burn like lime does
  • Ideal in passage ways and movement areas
  • Suitable for use with all types of livestock dairy cows, cattle, calves, sheep, poultry and pigs

Easy to Use - simply remove soiled bedding and sprinkle Ultra-Dri onto the housing floor before adding bedding, whether straw, shavings or sawdust. Ultra-Dri can be applied to clean floors before applying bedding or can be applied mixed with sawdust and other bedding products or applied on top of bedding.

Application Rates:

For best results apply Ultra-Dri daily or at least 2 - 3 times per week for dairy cow cubicles, general housing, calving boxes, calf pens and straw yards.

  • Cow Cubicles : 70g/cubicle/day or 140g every other day. Work on 0.5kg/cow/week
  • General including loose cattle housing, pig, poultry & equine: 100g/m
  • Calves: 60-100g/m for calf pens
  • Lambing Pens : 50g animal
  • Suitable for use in all livestock housing situations

Which RWN Cubicle Bedding Powder should I use?

RWN Cubicle Powders keep cows clean and dry improve hygiene helping to prevent mastitis and other infections Ultra-Dri Gold, Ultra-Dri, Hydramix and Cubi-Powder and Vulkamin are all extremely effective means of both improving hygiene and controlling bacteria in dairy cow and calf housing and as well as keeping cows clean.

Ultra-Dri Gold, Ultra-Dri, Hydramix and Cubi-Powder are available in 25kg bags. Vulkamin is available in 1 tonne tote bags. All are available minimum 1 tonne drops throughout the UK.

Taking account of comparative usage rates all these products are cost effective as well as being pleasant to handle, non-abrasive, non-caustic, safe to use and won't damage the cows skin.

Natural Disinfectant Cubicle Bedding Powders

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