RWN Liquid and Granular Fertiliser

RWN Liquid and Granular Fertiliser

Liquid Compound Fertiliser

Crops will only thrive and give high yields on healthy well aerated soils. Healthy crops and efficient Nitrogen use is dependent on soil pH and adequate levels of available phosphate, potash, sulphur and other nutrients.  Crops withstand drought stress much more effectively where there is adequate potash presentContractor Spread Liquid Fertiliser Reduces Costs.

White clover, especially the new Aber White Clover varieties can contribute a fair proportion of the annual nitrogen requirement in grassland. However to do this white clover requires above average soil pH, Phosphorous and Potassium indexes of at least 2 - 3, adequate sulphur, trace elements, good aeration and drainage. Looking after the other nutrients rather than simply applying nitrogen can yield massive savings.

Good soil nutrition results in good animal nutrition, hence our interest in this area. Nutrient stressed crop will be low in protein and sugars, high in fibre, low in digestibility, prone to disease and mycotoxin contamination and crop yields will be poor. On the other hand avoiding crop nutrient deficiencies results in increased yields of healthier crops with much higher feed values.

We supply a range of products aimed at both improving soil nutrition and reducing the cost to our customers:


Liquid Fertiliser has many advantages and can result in large financial savings

More and more dairy farmers are switching from traditional granular fertiliser use to contractor spread Liquid Fertiliser application. RWN supplies high quality Liquid Fertiliser applied by an experienced, reliable local contractor.

Liquid Fertiliser Benefits:

  • Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potash and Sulphur - Complete Fertiliser for Healthy Soils
  • P, K and S Improves Nitrogen Utilisation - Better Crops from Less Fertiliser
  • We spread Free of Charge - SAVES Labour, Diesel and Spreading Costs
  • No Advance Fertiliser Purchases - Improves Cash Flow and No Storage Required
  • Liquid Form - Faster Uptake with Fewer Losses Results in Increased Crop Yield
  • Dilute High Volume Application - Goes Straight to the Roots without scorch
  • Phosphate, Potash and Sulphur promotes Clover - Allows reduced Nitrogen inputs
  • Full N:P:K and S Package - Better than Straight Nitrogen
  • Cheaper than Granular Compound Fertilisers - SAVES MONEY

Our liquid fertiliser can be applied onto a wide range of crops including Grassland, Cereals and Maize


A Cheaper and More Effective Source of Crop Nutrients?

Can you afford not to use it?

    Far cheaper to grow more quality forage with fertiliser than buy more land or more concentrates

Other Fertiliser and Soil Products:

  • Full Range of Bagged Fertilisers
  • Compounds
  • Blends
  • Gypsum
  • Lime

Feeding the soil increases crop yields and reduces bought in feed costs

Treatment of slurry with RWN Slurry-Ultra is an effective means of reducing nutrient losses from cattle slurry which can reduce the need for purchased fertiliser.

For more information on growing better crops to reduce costs contact Richard Webster.

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