RWN Product Range

RWN Full Product Listing

Compound Feeds (Bulk and Bags)

  • Dairy Cake
  • Rearing Nuts
  • Calf Pellets
  • Beef Nuts
  • Coarse Calf Mixes
  • Dry Cow Rolls

Blends (Bulk Feeds)

  • Custom Coarse Dairy Blends
  • Rearing, Beef & Sheep Blends

Liquid Feeds

  • Molasses
  • Molasses Blends

Protein Supplements

  • F1 OmegaPro X
  • Protected Soya
  • Protected Rape
  • Prairie Meal
  • Feed Grade Urea
  • High Protein Molasses

Calf and Rearing Feeds

  • Calf Milk Replacer
  • Calf Pellets & Coarse Calf Mixes
  • Heifer Rearing and Beef Nuts and Blends
  • Beef and Heifer Rearing Minerals
  • Biocell Yeast, Biocell Lac,
  • Crypt-Occur, Resposan, VitCox

Mineral Supplements

  • Standard Dairy, Beef, Youngstock, Suckler Cow and Sheep Minerals
  • Specialist Bespoke Minerals specially formulated by RWN for individual farms
  • Mineral Buckets & Feed Blocks
  • PDV Salt, Ground or Lump Rock Salt
  • Iodised Salt
  • Magnesium Chloride Flakes
  • Calcined Magnesite (Magnesium Oxide)
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Di-Calcium Phosphate, Mag Phosphate
  • Limestone Flour

Rumen Buffers

  • Ostrea Rumen Buffer
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Acid Buf
  • Proprietary Rumen Buffers

Yeast Supplements and Mycotoxin Binders

  • Biocell Farm Mix
  • Actisaf SC47 Yeast / Acticell
  • MycoAid
  • Mycocell
  • Mycocell Combi
  • Microsafe Max
  • Microsafe Gain
  • Ultra-Bond
  • Mycotrap

Fat´┐Ż and Energy Supplements

  • F1 Pallafat Elite, F1 Super Fat
  • RWN ButterFat Plus
  • RWN Omega-3 Supplement
  • RWN Extra-Milk
  • Golden Flake, Galaxy, Dynalac
  • Protected Fats, Megalac, Nutrilac
  • Butterfat Extra C16
  • Glycerene

Dry Cow and Transition Supplements

  • Dry Cow Rolls
  • Trans-Omega Transition Supplement
  • Transition Syrup
  • Elite Dry Cow Molassed Buckets
  • Dry Cow Minerals
  • Biocell Yeast, Actisaf Yeast
  • Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements
  • Propylene Glycol Liquid
  • Glycerene
  • X-Zelit
  • Calving Bolus Extra, Calcium & Phos Bolus
  • F1 ReStart, Maxcare Reviva

Maize, Grass, Clover and Herbage Seed

  • Maize Seed
  • Grass Seed
  • White and Red Clover Seed
  • Herbal Ley Seed (SAM3, GS4)
  • Lucerne Seed
  • Forage Rape, Kale, Fodder Turnip, Fodder Beet and Brassica Hybrid Seed
  • Wholecrop Cereal, Pea, Vetch Mixtures

Silage Additives, Sheets, Nets, Covers etc.

  • Ultra-Sile Silage Additives. For all fermented grass silages, maize, wholecrops and crimped cereals
  • Ultra-Sile Dual-Action & Liquid Combined - inoculant / food preservative combinations for use on high DM crops
  • BerrysCorn, Home n' Dry, Caustic Soda for AlkaGrain, Alkaleage, Soda Wheat
  • Silage Oxygen Barrier Films / Sheets
  • Protective Silage Nets and Covers
  • Lorry Tyre Sidewalls and Gravel Bags


  • Liquid Fertiliser
  • Compound and Blended fertilisers

Cubicle Bedding Powders, Cleaning & Hygiene

  • Ultra-Dri Gold Cubicle Disinfectant Powder
  • Vulkamin Cubicle Bedding Powder
  • Hydramix Cubicle Lime, Hydrated Lime
  • Bulk and Baled Sawdust Bedding
  • Dairy Hygiene - ClusterFlush
  • FootBath Disinfectants - TK EveryDay, Copper Sulphate

Slurry Treatments


A clamp of maize silage is worth 10's of thousand pounds - well worth the cost of an additive, some quality Silostop oxygen barrier sheets and some protective netsRWN's Product Range

One of our key objectives is to search out and evaluate the highest quality and most effective products available to meet our customers' needs.

Due to our wide ranging supply arrangements we are able to source an extensive range of farm inputs not only to exceptional quality but also at extremely competitive prices offering outstanding value for money.

We have a detailed knowledge and understanding of all the products that we recommend

The right product in the right place can have a massive impact on both performance and overall farm profitability

Contact Richard Webster for advice on selecting and using the right product to meet your needs

Full nutritional support package free of charge to customers along with the most extensive range of high quality feed inputs available

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