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Cluster-Flush Dairy Sanitiser

Cluster-Flush Dairy Sanitiser

Cluster-Flush offers many advantages over existing dairy chemicals, hypochlorite and paracetic acidCluster-Flush is a Non-Toxic and Non-corrosive sanitiser and a direct replacement for 5% peracetic acid. Bio flavenoid based, this 100% effective product is kind to people, cows and milking plant.

This innovative product has the antibacterial properties of bioflavonoids, the benefits of which are well documented.

Immediate action / effectiveness at low concentrations, providing dairy farmers with a less expensive, 100 % effective, gentle, safe and less expensive, alternative to existing products.

Highly effective, non-corrosive, Cluster-Flush, milking machine plant sanitiser,
pre and post milking teat spray

Cluster-Flush Benefits

  • Effective control of mastitis
  • Non-corrosive kind to cows and udder. Doesn't dry teats and no smell
  • Gentle on cows, equipment and harmless when brought into contact with human skin
  • Non corrosive non-toxic alternative to peracetic acid
  • Out performs peracetic acid in terms of bacteria kill and contact time – immediate action
  • Better and faster than peracetic acid for cluster flushing, cluster dipping
  • Active ingredient is a natural plant extract rather that a toxic dairy chemical
  • New, highly effective, non-corrosive, teat spray, milking machine and plant sanitiserRubbers and equipment last longer than with peracetic acid
  • Neutral pH
  • Residual effect of up to 24 hours
  • Also effective as a pre and post milking teat spray
  • A "true" biocide and as such is also antiviral
  • Unrivalled performance - eliminating viruses and bacteria
  • Also effective as a general disinfectant to spray on cubicles, calf pens, loose yards, dry cows housing, equipment, calf buckets etc.
  • Easy to store
  • Simple and safe to dispose of

Fully tested against an extensive list of bacteria, virus, yeast, fungi and protozoa

Cluster-Flush™ is designed to reduce the spread of mastitis and diminish the use of antibiotics saving the loss of a cow, minimising vet bills and medication and resulting in increased milk yields.

Good hygiene is essential in fully housed situations. Use Cluster-Flush on beds and housing as well as in the milking parlourCluster-Flush™ performs better than peracetic acid in terms of bacteria kill and contact time and has been tested against an extensive list of bacteria, virus, yeast, fungi and protozoa.

At dilution it has no corrosive properties on your equipment and is harmless when brought into contact with human skin, not to mention much more comfortable and safer for the cow. Milking rubbers last much longer than when when exposed to peracetic acid.

Customers with Automatic Dipping & Flushing system Systems have found that rubbers and consumables will last up to 25% longer than with Cluster-Flush™ compared with peracetic acid saving around £150 / year / 100 cows resulting in savings of as much as £500 /year on a 350 cow herd.

Rubbers and consumables last up to 25% longer with Cluster-Flush™

When cows are happy and contented they yield more, produce a better quality product and have a better quality of life. Cluster-Flush™ is also easy to store and carry, as it comes in both a 20 litres concentrate, which are diluted 1,000/1 at end use. It stores safely and for longer without gassing. Cluster-Flush™ at dilution is non-toxic and free of heavy metals and it is simple and safe to dispose of.

ClusterFlush is effective at controlling disease causing bacteria in the parlour, on the animal, in dry cow yards, on cubicles, on equipment and in calf housingCluster-Flush™ is packaged in 20 litre drums. The 20 litre Cluster-Flush™ should then be diluted with 180 litres of water to make up a 200 litres total. This can be done in an IBC or any suitable container.

The dosing system should be set up so that it draws off from the reservoir at the required dilution, delivering a final take out minimum yield of 20,000 litre in the flush system.

Cluster-Flush™ helps reduce the cross contamination of disease and illness, resulting in reduced vet bills, better cow comfort and improved animal welfare. Happier and more contented cows produce more milk of better quality product and at a lower cost.

Advanced formulations changing the face of dairy sanitisers

How Cluster-Flush works

Chamcotec Antibacterial / Antiviral Products are produced in the UK to exacting standards and quality control measures using a unique formulation. Laboratory tested and conforming to BS - EN 1276 & EN 1656 Veterinary Standards, Chamcotec Products are Ideal for the Control of a very wide range of Pathogenic Bacteria, Viruses and Spores

ClusterFlush is a safe, cost effective, dairy sanitiser and kind to cowsAbout Bio-Flavonoids - The active ingredients are bio-flavonoids, natural plant extracts. Cluster Flush is stable and the formulation can be repeated time after time without variation. The end result being a product with a very broad spectrum of kill, long lasting and provides an instant kill also.

Avoiding the need to handle toxic chemical disinfectants on a daily basis. A non-toxic and non-caustic alternative to chemically derived products.

Extremely effective in terms of bacteria kill even at very low concentrations. The products efficacy has been tested against an extensive list of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.

Performs better than peracetic acid in terms of bacteria kill and contact time

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