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Full Technical Support, Farm Management and Dairy Nutrition Advice

  • As an independent dairy nutrition consultant, RWN offers full nutrition support and dietary rationing advice for dairy farmers at competitive rates or in most cases free of charge to our feed customers.
  • Of particular value to our clients is our ability to source on their behalf, the best and most appropriate products available, at very competitive prices. This is a part of our role that is a particular strength, due to our extensive experience and our wide range of supply contacts within the feed industry. The purchase of feed inputs through RWN saves our clients valuable time and effort sourcing feedstuffs themselves and often negates the need to charge a consultancy fee for our nutrition advice.
  • Ultramix rationing software is the most advanced nutrition software available. Richard Webster has extensive knowledge of TMR diets for high yielding dairy cows and over 30 years experience in rationing dairy cows in top UK herds Feeding advice, formulation of diets and rations are based on the latest research, using the most advanced rationing software available.
  • Richard Webster has an extensive knowledge of TMR diets and over 30 years experience in rationing high yielding dairy cows and advising farmers in top UK dairy herds. This allows much greater accuracy when formulating diets to meet the requirements of high yielding cows especially when using feeds and supplements sourced directly by RWN.

    Most important, our nutrition advice is backed by a 'hands on' presence on farm, resulting in cost effective rations that really work.
  • As a company we have access to the widest range of well researched, quality products in the market place. Our product advice ensures that our customers have extremely cost effective and effective feeding solutions. Our stated aim is to maximise our customer's profitability. Our policy is to never supply a product unless it is in the farmers interest.
  • Forage Analysis uses the latest NIR and wet chemistry techniques. Mineral and trace element rationing advice uses forage mineral assays and the RWN Mineral Program. This software developed by Richard Webster Nutrition takes full account of antagonists and mineral lock up problems as well as availability of minerals from different sources. The program has proven extremely effective in designing bespoke minerals to meet individual farm requirements.
  • Dairy business analysis and planning is provided to increase output and profit. Dairy Herd Costings bring the discipline of a monthly meeting on farm, to walk the cows and to discuss all aspects of herd and forage management, diets and the overall farm business.

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