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Sawdust Bedding for Dairy Cows

Why use Only the Best Quality Sawdust Bedding?

Good quality sawdust is a superb bedding material for dairy cowsSawdust is very widely used for bedding cattle and dairy cow cubicles in the UK. High quality sawdust is one of the best bedding materials available. It is light in weight, easy to use and works well with automated scrapers and slurry systems.

Good quality sawdust is a superb bedding material which is non-abrasive, dry, highly absorbent, doesn't cause clouds of dust, keeps cows clean and comfortable and handles well in slurry systems.

Bedding cows on good quality sawdust which is clean, dry, non-dusty, can give excellent results.

Bedding Dairy Cows with Good Quality Sawdust can Give Excellent Results

Good quality sawdust is a superb bedding material for dairy cowsHowever sawdust can be a highly variable material and poor quality sawdust can be damp, very dusty and highly abrasive. Some very dusty types of sawdust can be hazardous to farm staff during application. Unscreened materials are unsuitable as they can contain shards of wood and even nails and are likely to be very variable.

Bedding cows on cheap, low quality sawdust can result in high levels of mastitis, hock infections, lameness, high cell counts and dirty cows as well as resulting in reduced lying times and less milk.

Hock infections are a major cause of lameness in dairy cows. It is estimated that in Holland wound infections are the second biggest cause of abortion in cows.

Poor quality sawdust can easily cause abrasions and damage to the skin. Damaged skin in contact with bacteria often results in hock or foot infections which impact on performance. Cow comfort is very important. An extra hour of lying time is worth a litre of milk.

Only Use Best Quality Sawdust. Using second rate sawdust can be very costly.

Only ever use the best quality sawdust for bedding dairy cow cubiclesDamp sawdust is an excellent medium for supporting many pathogens so it is essential that sawdust for bedding is dry and that it is kept dry in storage. Bacteria only multiply in warm, damp conditions. It is very important that cubicle beds and bedding are kept dry. Adequate ventilation can play a major role in removing moisture and heat from buildings, reducing humidity, and allowing beds to dry.

It is always worth paying a little more to get the best sawdust available rather than trying to save a few pounds and getting something that can be highly damaging to cow health and performance.

It is worth paying a little more to get the best sawdust

Bedding Dairy Cows with Good Quality Sawdust can Give Excellent Results

RWN Supplies a Range of Top Quality Sawdust Bedding Products for Dairy Cows

Store sawdust in dry conditions and use enough sawdust to keep beds clean and dry. In addition it is beneficial to use an anti-bacterial bedding powder in conjunction with sawdust for effective control of bacteria Hydramix or Cubi-PowderUltra-Dri and Vulkamin are all effective products.

Hygiene is Important for Cow Health, Performance and Profitability

Top Quality Sawdust Bedding available from RWN

We have a wide range of high quality sawdust bedding products suitable for dairy cow and cattle bedding, available at competitive prices in both bulk and in bags.

Cost Effective, Clean, Dry, Absorbent Cubicle Bedding

The cost of sawdust will vary dependent on load size and transport costs to a particular location as well as on the quality and grade of sawdust bedding.

Our Best Sawdust Bedding Grades:

  • Good hygene is very important for cow health and performance. Never cut corners with cubicle beddingSoft, Dry and Absorbent Bedding Material
  • Premium products from 100% kiln dried softwood
  • Economical (Super Absorbent)
  • Maximum absorbency where needed
  • Go up to twice as far as some heavier inferior products
  • Less abrasive than many other bedding materials
  • Less dusty than most sawdust bedding materials and no dust clouds during application
  • Good slurry handling characteristics. Won't settle out and kind to pumps
  • Light weight and easy to apply by hand or through bedding dispensers
  • Comfortable to lie on with minimal hock damage
  • Supplied in bulk or bags
  • Bales are plastic wrapped on pallets for easy storage
  • Sawdust bales are wrapped and can be stored outside without any water penetrating the balesPallets are weather proof and can be stored outside
  • No harmful substances such as MDF
  • Consistently high quality
  • Quality assured graded sawdust with no contamination
  • Readily available all year round

Bulk Sawdust

Our bulk sawdust is delivered on 22 - 26 tonne full walking floor loads. Bulk sawdust is lower priced than baled or bagged sawdust but must be stored inside in dry conditions and full loads will need a storage capacity of 100m3. We have several bulk sawdust products which are particularly well suited to cubicle bedding for dairy cows.

Sanderdust Extra Fine Sawdust - A superb product for keeping cattle clean and dry in cubicle housing. Fine powdered kiln dried, softwood sawdust. Finer than traditional coarser sawdusts so a little goes a very long way. Sanderdust can be used at very low application rates. Being very fine it keeps cows very clean and reduces hock abrasions. Very absorbent. Superb product for dairy cows on cubicle mats and mattresses. Very economical in use. Sanderdust is very dry and users often report reduced mastitis and cell counts compared with other sawdust bedding products.

Bulk Sawdust can quickly and efficiently be applied to cow cubicles using a tractor mounted bedding dispenserSawdust Premium - A premium slightly coarser, dust free product made from 100% kiln dried softwood. Very dry, very soft and very absorbent.

Mixed Sawdust Grade - A mix of coarse and fine grades of sawdust. Very dry and absorbent. Cost effective and suitable for generous application.

Super-Dry Sawdust - This is a premium grade, baked, heat sterilised, super dry sawdust. 100% softwood and dust free. It really is very dry and very absorbent. It will absorb up to 3x its own weight of moisture. It is very clean, free of bacteria and contains no chemicals, glues or MDF. It is quite different from other grades of sawdust. Available on walking floor bulk loads only and availability is limited.

Baled Sawdust Bedding

Baled sawdust is generally supplied in full artic loads of 16 pallets. In some areas we can supply 6 or 8 wheeler loads of 8 to 10 pallets, or split artic loads of 8 pallets. Full loads are generally 16 pallets of 60 bales (or bags) per pallet totalling 960 bales on the load. Pallets are plastic wrapped for outside storage.

Sawdust bales are a convenient shape, size and weight making them easy to handle and pour. Sanderdust or Extra Fine Sawdust - Sanderdust is produced from very dry, kiln dried softwood. Being super absorbent and much finer than traditional sawdusts, Sanderdust goes further.

A superb product, very fine and does not damage cows hocks. In use there is more dust than coarser sawdusts but settles much faster than some other widely available fine sawdust products. Sanderdust stays on cubicle beds much better than many coarser products. Very competitively priced and our most popular brand with dairy farmers for use on cow mat and mattresses.

Sawdust Premium - A premium slightly coarser dust free product made from 100% kiln dried softwood. Very soft and very absorbent. This is a premium product, ideal for situation where minimal dust is an important consideration.

Because Agrisorb is so effective, it is used by more dairy farmers than any other sawdust brand in the UKAgrisorb Baled Sawdust - Agrisorb is a very high quality, fine, kiln dried, softwood sawdust which is relatively free of dust. Agrisorb is super absorbent so very little is needed to keep animals warm and dry. Convenient easy to handle, well shaped bales 20kg - 21kg bales.

Agridust Baled Sawdust - High quality, screened, mixed sawdust with low dust levels. 100% kiln dried and no harmful substances such as MDF. Ideal for cow cubicle bedding and available well packaged in 20kg - 21kg bales, shrink wrapped.

Mixed Sawdust Bales - A mix of less dusty fine grades of sawdust. Dry and absorbent. Cost effective and suitable for generous application. Well packed bales, shrink wrapped.

RWN Supplies a Wide Range of Cubicle Bedding Materials

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