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Nadins Hydramix Lime

Customers find Nadins Hydramix much more pleasand to use than conventional cubicle bedding lime whilst getting as good or better mastitis controlNadins Hydramix is 100% natural mixed lime product for use in cow cubicles and livestock housing. Hydramix is very absorbent, cost effective, gives good control of E. coli and other bacteria and whilst the same pH as Calcium Hydroxide, Hydramix is less caustic and doesn't burn.

Hydramix lime can be used as a sole bedding powder on mats and mattresses at up to 0.5kg/cow/day. Alternatively Hydramix Lime can be used in conjunction with sand, sawdust, straw and other bedding materials for effective control of bacteria

Why is Nadins Hydramix better than conventional hydrated lime?

Cubicle lime products based on hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) can be highly caustic. These have been known to cause burns to the cows skin and teats, followed by severe outbreaks of mastitis. Some of these products as well as being very caustic are also very dusty and unpleasant to use and should be used with care.

Calcium hydroxide is unpleasant to handle, damages the skin and can cause severe burns to the eyes and lungs. Like caustic soda, when damp it will react with the natural oils in the cows skin turning them to soap. This is a similar effect to prolonged handling of wet cement. Disruption of the natural waterproofing and anti-bacterial defences of the cows skin can result in chapping and cracking of the skin can increase damage to teats, hocks and the skin surrounding heels and feet. Over use of hydrated lime in damp situations may actually cause more not less infections of the udder, hocks and feet.

Bedding Materials which are Excessively Caustic are NOT Recommended

Calcium Hydroxide Safety Data recommends using gloves, goggles and mask. It is a skin irritant which may cause burns and serious eye damage. In the case of contact 'Wash affected area immediately with plenty of water for at least 20 minutes. Remove contaminated clothing. Do we want to expose ourselves and our cows to this on a daily basis?Very caustic products can also react with ammonium salts in the slurry losing a lot of nitrogen to the air in the form of ammonia gas. This in effect means the nitrogen content of the slurry is reduced which will need to be replaced with purchased nitrogen fertiliser.

One tonne of cubicle lime containing 99% calcium hydroxide has the potential to displace nitrogen equivalent to 800kg of ammonium nitrate fertiliser. So very caustic hydrated lime products can prove quite costly for bedding cubicles.

Some farmers use ground limestone or limestone flour on cubicles which is cheaper than calcium hydroxide based cubicle limes but limestone flour is relatively insoluble, has a neutral pH and will not control bacteria on cubicle beds.

Benefits of Nadins Hydramix

Nadins Hydramix will effectively control bacteria used alone or with a wide range of absorbent bedding materials on cow cubicles or with loose housed calves, cattle and other livestockNadins Hydramix is very absorbent, very cost effective, gives good control of E. coli and other bacteria and whilst the same pH as Calcium Hydroxide, Hydramix is less caustic and doesn't burn.

Hydramix Lime can be used in conjunction with sand, sawdust, straw and other bedding materials for effective control of bacteria at around 100gms - 200gms /cow/day. Alternatively Hydramix lime can be used on rubber cow mats and mattresses at up to 0.5kg/cow/day as a sole bedding powder.

Nadins Hydramix is a unique blend of mixed lime for use in cow cubicles and all livestock housing. Hydramix provides a rapid rise in pH yet is gentle enough not to burn. It effectively controls E. coli and aids in the prevention of mastitis and digital dermatitis. Safe to use as a single bedding material this one product has multiple applications.

Hygiene is Important for Cow Health, Performance and Profitability

Hydramix is safe to use and has many benefits in keeping cows clean, improving hygene and controlling bacteriaBenefits of Nadins Hydramix

  • Cost effective 100% natural product
  • Provides rapid raise of pH
  • Effective in aiding control of E. coli and prevention of mastitis and digital dermatitis
  • Non-abrasive, won't burn and doesn't crack or damage skin
  • Non-dusty, and doesn't stay in the air and settles rapidly
  • Low dust levels and pleasant to handle
  • Provides a none slip surface
  • Assists in odour control
  • Hydramix is a safer alternative to hydrated lime
  • Can be used in conjunction with sawdust or as a single bedding product
  • Highly absorbent free flowing powder, which is an economical drying agent thereby, improving the environment for both livestock and stockmen
  • Through its high neutralising value Nadins Hydramix will provide improvement in slurry quality as the pH is raised providing further benefits to farmland
  • One product - numerous uses - dairy cow cubicles, calf housing and straw yards

Where it can be used

  • Use on all types of cattle housing surfaces, mixed with sawdust, shavings or straw for loose housing or use alone as a sole bedding powder on cubicles, rubber mats and cubicle mattresses.

Application Rates

  • 500g per cow per day
  • 200g per cow or square metre when combined with other bedding materials
  • Easy to use, Ideal for hand / mechanical application
  • Hydramix is very competitively priced compared with other cubicle bedding powders allowing liberal application rates to be cost effectiveLow dust Levels


  • On 1 Tonne film-wrapped pallets
  • Packaged in convenient 25Kg damp proof polythene bags
  • Delivered throughout the UK

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