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Grass Seed Mixtures

Grass Seed Mixtures

RWN Grass Seed Mixtures based on Aber High Sugar Ryegrass are superior to conventional high sugar max grass seed mixturesRWN Grass Seeds Mixtures are designed specifically for UK dairy farms. Regular reseeding is becoming more important in view of the increased cost of concentrates and fertiliser.

The RWN Grass Seeds Range includes the best grass seed varieties available and aims to maximise nutrition, reduce feed cost and improve the profitability of UK dairy farming.

The introduction of outstanding new Grass and Clover seed varieties has led to major opportunities to improve efficiency and profitability on UK dairy farms.

Development of new grass seed varieties has lifted yields by 20% and D-Values by 10%. New white clover seed varieties are 50% higher yielding and are 10% more persistent under UK agricultural conditions.

If you haven't reseeded for a while you could easily be losing 30% in feed output per acre and having to make good the deficit with extra fertiliser and costly concentrates.

Quality forage forms the basis of any high yielding dairy diet

RWN Grass Seed Mixtures based on Aber High Sugar Ryegrass are superior to conventional grass seed mixturesMost modern grass seed varieties are much higher yielding than grass seed varieties sown 10 to 20 years ago. More importantly they are nutritionally greatly improved. Modern grass seed variety will be vastly superior in terms of both yield and nutrition to old pasture and weed grasses which make up a high proportion of old leys.

A number of Aber High Sugar Grass Seed varieties are higher in digestibility, more palatable and have particular advantage in grazing swards. Dairy cows, graze better, waste less and produce higher milk yields.

Dairy cows waste less grass and give more milk on Aber HSG grazing mixtures

Grass seed varieties carrying the HSG Logo are genuine high sugar grass varieties with a sugar level at least as high as AberDart - Download THe Aber HSG PDF BookletThe Aber High Sugar Grasses (HSG) are the result of several decades of focused research, field trials and animal performance testing at IGER (now IBERS). IBERS based in Aberystwyth is the worlds foremost grass and clover seed breeding centre. The HSG grasses have the advantage that they have been bred specifically for UK conditions.

Aber HSG late and intermediate heading varieties are particularly applicable to grazing mixtures.

Not only is AberAvon used in RWN mixtures high in DM yield than grass seed varieties used in conventional mixtures it is also much higher in digestibility resulting in improved animal performance

As dairy nutritionists we formulate our Grass Seed Mixtures with maximum nutrition in mind. One unit of D-Value is equivalent to around one litre of extra milk yield. Our grass seed mixtures are formulated using high yielding varieties with excellent persistency, disease resistance, palatability and digestibility.

There has never been more reason for dairy farmers to reseed

RWN Choice Grass Seed Mixtures

RWN Grass Seed very high yielding and very competitively pricedThe RWN Choice Range of grass seeds offers an extremely cost effective solution where there is a requirement for very high yielding, short, medium term or long term leys which are used predominantly for cutting.

The Choice range includes Italians, Hybrids and Perennial Ryegrasses, both diploid and tetraploid and is especially suited for mixed arable farms where leys are regularly rotated with other crops.

This range also offers a comprehensive range of overseeding options. With the introduction of new improved grass seed harrows, drills and cultivators, regular overseeding is rapidly growing in popularity as a means of boosting grass output. Overseeding avoids cultivation costs and loss of production whilst a new ley is established.

Very high yielding grass at very low cost

RWN Agricultural Grass and Clover Seed Mixtures

  • Grass and Clover Seed Mixtures developed specifically for UK dairy farms
  • Formulated for maximum nutritional value, digestibility, sugars, yield, persistency, and disease resistance
  • Designed to the highest possible specifications using only the best grass seed varieties available
  • Include the best new Aber High Sugar Grass seed varieties
  • RWN HSG Grass Seed Mixtures are designed for better animal performance compared with conventional grass seeds
  • Higher milk yields, improved growth rates, lower costs, higher profits

Using the best grass seed mixtures available can easily generate an additional �500 per acre over the life of a leyRWN HSG Grass and Clover Seed Mixtures are formulated to the best quality available. This range is based on Aber HSG Grass and Aber White Clover varieties bred specifically for UK farm conditions.

Aber High Sugar Grass seed varieties have been shown to produce up to 2.5 litres more milk per cow than conventional rye grass reseeds.

Aber White Clover varieties can produce 50% more yield than traditional white clovers and are much more persistent even under high nitrogen regimes.

High Sugar Grass Varieties

Sugar, an excellent source of fermentable energy for rumen microbes is often deficient in UK dairy cow and livestock diets. Our long term HSG grazing mixtures are based on high Sugar diploid ryegrasses. These are more palatable and more digestible and are grazed down to lower residuals resulting in much better grass utilisation.

RWN Grass Seed Mixtures are formulated to maximum digestibility, sugar levels, yield and disease resistanceIn addition diploids are typically 3% - 6% higher in dry matter than tetraploids which allows grazing cows to achieve higher dry matter intakes. Aber High Sugar Grasses have been shown to produce up to 2.5 litres more milk per cow than conventional rye-grass re-seeds.

High sugar grasses have been shown to improve protein utilisation by up to 25%. The most cost effective source of sugar for dairy and livestock diets, is the sugar from home grown High Sugar Grasses, either grazed or conserved as silage using an effective inoculant.

RWN Agricultural Grass Seed mixtures are formulated to maximum D-Value and Sugar levels as well as exhibiting extremely high yields, disease resistance and persistence.

There has never been more reason for dairy farmers to reseed

White Clover

White clover has a D-Value 5 - 10 units better than the best perennial ryegrasses as well as being much higher in protein.

New Aber White Clovers from IGER produce high forage yields without the need for Nitrogen fertiliser - Download The Clover Management Guide PDFAber White Clover varieties can produce 50% more yield than traditional clovers and are much more persistent even under high nitrogen regimes.

Without fertiliser nitrogen a mixed grass / clover sward can produce 75% of the forage dry matter yield of an all grass sward receiving 300 units per acre of fertiliser nitrogen.

Grass / Clover at the same level of nitrogen can produce up to 13% more DM yield and up to 3.5 litres more milk per cow per day. Download the Aber White Clover Management Guide.

RWN HSG Grass Clover Seed Mixtures can generate up to £500/acre more profit per acre over the life of a ley compared to other seed

Herbal Leys (SAM3, GS4)

The Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) in England has greatly increased the popularity of Herbal Leys. We have a range of seed mixtures suitable for SAM3, GS4 and NUM2 introducing legumes into grassland.

Herbal Leys offer huge opportunities for biodiversity, savings in fertilisers as well generating additional income from stewardship and sustainable farming incentives (SFI)Herbal Leys and Legumes (Red Clover, White Clover, Alsike Clover, Yellow Clover, Sainfoin, Birds Foot Trefoil can reduce fertiliser usage, provide additional habitat for invertebrates, greatly increase bio-diversity.

Different species of herbs such as Ribwort Plantain, Burnet, Yarrow, Sheeps Parsley and Chicory whilst being very productive bring much greater diversity to grassland and can be cut or grazed. They have a huge impact on species diversity especially if allowed to flower and seed.

These multi-species swards offer greater drought resistance and provide and improved soil structure, increased soil organic matter as well as providing an attractive additional income stream from SFI.

RWN Legumes and Herb Rich Sward Seed Mixtures are very competitively priced and offer massive advantages to livestock farmers

Other Forage Seeds

RWN also offer a comprehensive range of forage seeds for agriculture which include: Grass Seed, Maize Seed, SAM3 and GS4 Herbal Ley Seed Mixtures, Maize Under Sowing mixtures, Wholecrop Mixtures, Fodder Beet, Lucerne, White Clover, Red Clover, Kale, Forage Rape, Stubble Turnips, Swedes and a wide range of Hybrid Forage Brassicas.

For maximum profit always use the best grass seed varieties available

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