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All our compound feeds, pellets & dairy nuts are manufactured to a fixed formulation by SC Feeds or Dugdale NutritionRWN Compound Feeds and Coarse Blends are supplied by independent, UFAS approved, local animal feed mills renowned for service, quality and value for money. We offer fixed formulations on standard products together with bespoke diets, specially formulated to meet individual farm needs.

We work closely with the local independent feed manufacturers to combine all the benefits of top quality feed ingredients, with low overhead costs, superior service and greatly reduced local delivery costs.

Whilst pelleted compound feeds are most suited to parlour feeding, out-of-parlour feeders and robots, coarse blends offer a number of advantages over pelleted compound feeds for use in Total Mixed Rations (TMR), or for dairy heifers, beef and rearing stock.

Bulk blended feeds are generally bespoke and formulated to individual farm situationsBlends are much more flexible than straight feeds which are generally purchased in 29 tonne tipped loads, but cheaper to produce than compound feeds.

In complete diets, cows are less able to sort mealy blends than the are with compound nuts and pellets. Blends based on rolled cereals and straights are also easier for young cattle to digest with fewer digestive upsets and better feed efficiency than with more processed, fine ground and pelleted compounds.

We formulate blends using a wide range of raw materials including rolled wheat and barley, rolled maize and field beans, maize meal, hipro soya, soypass, distillers, maize gluten, rapeseed extract, sugar beet pulp, soya hulls, wheatfeed pellets, amino-pro, prairie meal, malt residuals, molasses, protected fat and minerals.

High quality bulk feed blends for complete diet feeders. Specially formulated to individual farm requirementsBlends are cheaper to produce than pelleted feeds. Equally they offer many advantages over 29 tonne tipped loads of straight feeds. Blends can be reformulated as required and delivered freshly mixed at relatively short notice in loads as small as 5 tonnes tipped.

Blends do cost more than full load tipped straights but avoid the investment in storage and mixing facilities and large cash outlay required to tip and store several 29 tonnes loads of straights a definate plus for cash flow.

Blends offer a great deal of flexibility. Nutty heavy molassed blends to reduce dust will increase intakes. Un-milled, High Digestible Fibre (HDF) based blends or rolled cereal rather than ground cereals will be digested more slowly which can both reduce risk of acidosis and improve feed efficiency in dairy cows, beef cattle and youngstock. On the other hand in some dry TMR's a mealy blend may reduce sorting.

Richard Webster Nutrition Ltd offers full nutrition support to customers free of charge so blends can be re-formulated to meet your requirements as an when required.

Our compound feeds and bulk blends are produced by specialist independent feed compounders and blenders using highest quality feed ingredients S C Feeds Ltd - have a superb reputation for service, consistent product and excellent physical quality of high specification diets at very competitive prices. Compound feeds are produced from the highest quality raw materials to fixed formulations.

S.C.Feeds manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality compound pelleted feeds to Richard Webster Nutrition's own specifications. As well as compounds, S.C.Feeds produce bulk feed blends and high quality coarse calf mixes available in bulk, 1 tonne bags or 25kg bags.

SC Feeds new state of the art blending plant is amongst the most advanced in the UK, offering much greater consistency and more accurate mixing than traditional blending plants. Bulk coarse blends are manufactured from the highest quality ingredients and are formulated individually to balance the diets of individual farms, on a bespoke basis for feeding to dairy cows through complete diet feeds in total mixed rations, midday feeds, or for use in beef and rearing diets.

Our compound feeds and bulk blends are produced by specialist independent feed compounders and blenders using highest quality feed ingredients Dugdale Nutrition Ltd - Dugdale Nutrition is an independently owned family company, which has focused on innovation in the ruminant sector for more than 160 years, evolving to become the UK’s leading regional ruminant feed manufacturer.

Located at Clitheroe in a major livestock area, Dugdale Nutrition focuses on producing high quality fixed formulation compound feeds and bespoke blends for dairy, beef and sheep farms in the Midlands and the North of England.

Coarse Blended Feeds are ideal for Dairy Heifers, Beef & Rearing StockDugdale’s new £1 Million blend facility opened in 2014 was an investment in the growth and prosperity of both regional and UK agriculture.

Dugdale Nutrition as well as being one of the UK's leading specialist dairy feed producers. as part of FiveF Alka Ltd, Dugdales manufacture Home n' Dry and the Alka Range of alkalized feeds. Home n' Dry is widely used on farms for the preservation and enhancement of cereals, grain and straw as Alkalage®, Alkagrain® and Alkastraw®.


Full nutritional support package to customers Free of Charge, along with the most extensive range of high quality feed inputs available

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